Failure, Resiliency, and Algorithms: My first 10 Weeks of Coding Bootcamp

In January of 2017 I was working full time as a teacher in South Florida while heavily involved in activist work. I had just written down my 1 year plan to become a junior software developer, which entailed 4 months of studying, school applications, a June/July enrollment goal, an October graduation goal, and a 3-month job hunt. If things were to go as planned I would have a job as a junior software developer by January of 2018.

Today it is September 24th, 2017 and I have just completed the 10th week of my program. The last 9 months have been quite the roller coaster and unexpected events have changed my timeline, but I’m happy to say that I feel more fulfilled, focused, and determined than ever. I’ve chosen to reflect on all the topics covered in the 9 week remote portion of my program and share a quick overview of my first week on campus. For those of you who don’t know much about computer programming, this blog post will be a great introduction. And for those of you who do, checkout everything I’ve learned up until now. If I got a concept wrong, feel free to let me know!

Dev Bootcamp Setup

Dev Bootcamp is an 18 week full-stack web development bootcamp that teaches Ruby as the primary language and then HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Rails, and SQL.

DBC is split into 4 phases:

Phase 0: 9 weeks

Phase 1: 3 weeks

Phase 2: 3 weeks

Phase 3: 3 weeks.

Phase 0 is 9 weeks of remote classwork and focuses on the fundamentals of the 5 main languages covered by DBC. It is intended to bring everyone up to a standard level before going on campus. A lot of it was review of stuff I’d already learned but a lot of it was brand new information, so it was a good mixture of challenging and easy. . .

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