About Me

My name is Iris Nevins. I am and engineering manager, writer, and entrepreneur. 

I started this blog back in college, which means that it has transformed many times over the last 7 years. I used to write about things like hair and race, then I dabbled in writing about politics, then I started writing about my work as a teacher. Many writings I have taken down, and some I have yet to complete. But here’s a run through of what I’ve been up to lately.

In 2016 I left my job as a teacher and my activism work to pursue a career in technology. I spent 4 months in a software engineering fellowship bootcamp and then 2 months job hunting before I landed a role at Mailchimp as a software engineer.

Shortly after joining Mailchimp I started a volunteer group called Organeyez, which started off with the goal of creating technologies for activists. In. January 2020 we pivoted to focus entirely on educational content about systems of oppression. Organeyez is now entirely self-run by a highly proficient group of writers and scholars.

In 2020 I stepped away to start Umba Daima, a creative agency working with Black artists on a range of creative projects. In 2021 we began to specialize in NFTs after launching Black NFT Art and the NFT Roundtable Podcast. Umba Daima aims to build collection of brands at the intersection of media, art, and technology.

I love taking on projects, being a leader, and managing people and systems while continuing to grow in my career as a software engineering manager.


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